At RentAuto we guarantee that we will always find a suitable solution for your mobility demands. Our priority is a flexible and individual approach towards every client. We don’t have a problem with covering a higher demand for large one-time car amounts. All our cars were periodically changed in the way that the mileage hasn’t exceeded 20 000 km and have been only 6 months old. With RentAuto rental, you drive the newest vehicles on the market. In case of violation of road traffic law, the received fine is paid by the client. If we additionally receive a request for payment of the fine from the police, we will require that the full compensation price is paid by the client which was at the time of the offence stated as a lessee upon signing the contract. Additionally, we will charge an administration fee for the resolution of the offence fine according to our current price. The deposit serves as a backup for the car and its price differs based on the category of the vehicle. It is mandatory to pay it for every rental. The deposit price will be blocked on your credit card for the duration of the rental. Once the vehicle is returned, the deposit will be paid back to your account (after subtracting the price of the rental). In case the vehicle is returned damaged, the deposit will be blocked until the resolution of the insurance claim. The price of the deposit is shown for every vehicle in the “Our vehicles” section. You can return the vehicle outside of our opening hours. However, this service is charged according to our current price list. It is recommended to mention this upon making the reservation and we will give you the price offer accordingly. It is possible to pick up or return the vehicle at any predetermined place, however, this service comes with a charge. We would be happy to provide the fee information on request or you can find it on our website in our Price list of surcharges and fees section. Yes, you can, however, you must report that you are leaving Slovakia. You can use our vehicles in all countries of the European Union. At the same time, you’re required to self-organise and pay all fees related to the entry and use of the roads in the country you’re visiting. There is a 200 km per day limit included in the price of the rental. The limit for a month (30 days) is 3000 km. The limit for a weekend is 600km (the pick-up is on Friday afternoon and drop-off is on Monday morning). The mileage limit is not a limit, but a paid mileage amount is included in the price of the rental. After exceeding this mileage you’ll be charged for every kilometre over the mileage limit. The fee varies from 0.30€ to 0.60€ including VAT accordingly to the model of the vehicle. The fee per 1km is also displayed next to every vehicle in the “Our vehicles” section. We rent our vehicles according to your needs and requirements . We offer short-term rentals from 1 day, as well as few months to years rentals. The rental period depends on type of vehicle, vehicle availability and your personal needs. If you require further help, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will gladly help you to choose the most suitable option for you. Our vehicles are carefully selected to look presentable. That is why the lowest trim level offered in our rental is mid-trim, however, the majority of our cars have a higher trim level. All our vehicles have integrated hands-free, metallic colour, Alu-wheels, air conditioning and most of them also reverse parking sensors. Higher-category cars also have automatic transmissions. You’ll find the mid-trim package in our trucks and multi-seaters. In our fleet, you can find cars from brands like Volkswagen, Audi, Škoda and Volkswagen Vans & Commercial vehicles. For more information check out our Our vehicles section.
  • Road assistance 24/7
  • Compulsory motor vehicle insurance
  • Accident insurance with 5% excess, min. 330€
  • Road tax
  • Tires including tire changing and storage
  • Vignette – valid in Slovakia