Price list of surcharges and fees

The car rental is under General Terms and Conditions. In the case of violation of any terms, car damage or its parts, you’ll be charged for all the potential expenses.

Fees Price
Administrative fee 25,00 €
Insurance deductible in case of an accident 330,00 €
Rent/Return of the vehicle outside of business hours 25,00 €
Vehicle delivery/pickup within Košice 25,00 €
Vehicle delivery/pickup outside of Košice per 1km (plus fuel) 1,00 €
Fuel underfill (plus full tank value) 12,00 €
Refueling with the wrong fuel (plus full tank value) 180,00 €
Loss of the vehicle's tools (plus the price of new tools) 20,00 €
Excessively dirty vehicle interior 50,00 €
Excessively dirty interior - deep cleaning 100,00 €
Excessively dirty vehicle exterior 30,00 €
Fines Price
Non-compliance with the Lessor's request to return the vehicle, to attend servicing, or to document damages 50,00 €
Failure to comply with the manufacturer's warranty interval (exceeded by 1000 km or more) 250,00 €
Violation of General Terms and Conditions (GTC) 200,00 €
Damages Price
Damage to the license plate 50,00 €
Repair of a chip in the windshield by filling it, if possible 80,00 €
Repairable damage to the wheel rim (depending on the vehicle type) 120,00 €
Damage to the inner fender of a utility vehicle 300,00 €
Non-repairable tire damage (plus the price of a new tire) 50,00 €
Damage/Loss of a hubcap (plus the price of a new hubcap) 15,00 €
A dent without damage to the paintwork 150,00 €
Losses Price
Loss of license plate 120,00 €
Loss of the vehicle registration certificate 60,00 €
Loss of the green and/or white card 12,00 €
Loss and replacement of the vehicle key 250,00 €
Loss of the luggage compartment cover (plus the price of a new part) 20,00 €
Loss of mandatory vehicle equipmen 24,00 €
Loss of winter equipment 24,00 €

The price list for compensation of damage outside of the insurance claims is available upon request.

Damage to the interior is not covered by the agreed vehicle insurance. In the event of any damage to the vehicle (interior or exterior) that is not covered by the insurance contract, the lessee will be charged the full price for the damage - damaged parts, paintwork and work required to remove it. In case of damage to the vehicle, which is covered by the insurance contract, the lessee will be charged an excess of 5% of the total amount of the repair, but at least 330 Euros. Fees or any estimates of damage compensation calculations are sent to the customer after the proper end of the lease, no later than within 10 working days. The exception is vehicles that cannot be driven after an accident, which will be then taken to the service centre immediately.